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The fresh produce is very personal. Even big deals are still made with a handshake. So our business is about being there, talking to those who make the world of fruit and nut production, trade and distribution spin. Subscribing Fruit World or The Clipper means shaking hands with the global business, collecting first hand information from the trendsetters, about growing, harvesting andhandling technologies, consumer trends, marketing trends and trade gossip. Advertising in Fruit World means recognition – your ad is like a well-designed business card on the desk of business leaders around the globe – which is very important. Believe me, I’ve been in every, nearly every country where fresh produce is grown, imported or exported. In 30 years I have talked to more than, say, 6,000 decision-makers in the business. We know what we are talking about. I invite you to stick with the best addresses in the business.



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