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    Bulgaria will continue to be a net importer of tomatoes

    Bulgaria will continue to be a net importer of tomatoes due to the country’s low production and the expected lack of significant developments in the medium term. This was revealed in an analysis carried out by the Center for Agricultural Research in Agriculture (SARA) at the Institute of Agrarian Economics. According to...

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    Robotic Farming System Could Be Answer to Labor Shortages

    Brandon Alexander grew up on farms, acres and acres of wheat and other broad acre crops in Texas and Oklahoma. So, it’s not entirely surprising that he applied his other expertise—based on a robotics degree from the University of Texas and work at Google X—to some of the biggest issues facing modern...

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    Mexican tomato producers fight to compete in the US

    The Congress of Mexico has asked the Government to establish conditions in the renegotiation of the North...

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    Physalis ready to go for mainstream farming

    The groundcherry (Physalis pruinosa), also called ‘husk cherry’ and ‘strawberry tomato,’ is native to Central and South...

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    SanLucar celebrates 10th anniversary of production in Tunisia

    SanLucar, the premium brand for fruit and vegetable, celebrated its 10th anniversary of production in Tunisia with...

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    Turkish tomato companies may export to Russia

    The restriction on Turkish tomato companies exporting products to Russia has been lifted as of May 1st. Even though press reports claimed all the restrictions have been lifted, that is not accurate as the annual aggregate quota is still in place at 50,000 tons. Before the political crisis between the two countries,...

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    Investments to make fresh tomato production all-year round in Ghana

    The government has decided to construct small irrigation systems with solar-powered pumps for constant supply of water  to farming fields to make the production of fresh tomato an all-year round activity. Mr. George Oduro, a Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, said when he addressed a stakeholders meeting of the tomato farming...

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    Tomato prices exploding in parts of India

    Tomato prices breached the Rs 100 per kg-mark in Mumbai and Delhi on Tuesday due to severe shortage of supply. In Mumbai, prices of tomatoes have shot up to Rs 150 a kg in the retail market while in Ahmedabad and Delhi it is around Rs 100 per kg. The lack of...

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    Automated system for Avocados can test fruit by tapping it and listening to the echo

    We’ve smashed them, scooped them, sliced them and blended them. Now we have started tattooing avocados as...

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    Putin and Erdogan don’t agree on tomatoes

    Russia and Turkey will lift mutual trade restrictions, including those on the supply of grain. However, the Russian embargo on Turkish tomatoes will remain in force. During talks in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Erdogan agreed to lift almost the restrictions on bilateral trade between the two countries,...

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