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    The Tarzan robot does not get stuck in the orchard

    Tarzan, shown here, travels over crop fields with an energy-efficient swinging motion. One day, such robots might...

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    Farm robotics impact on labour shortage over-estimated

    The capacity of farm robotics to deliver quick-fix solutions to agriculture’s labour concerns is vastly over-estimated according to researchers in the Netherlands. Dutch robotics scientist, Rick van de Zedde, told delegates at F&A Next: “Industry expectations for farm robotics are definitely too high at present. “There is a tendency for users to...

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    Kiwi industry dreams of robots

    Robotics are being talked up as a solution to labour shortages in horticulture industries around the world. The new technology could replace crop harvesting jobs that farmers are increasingly struggling to fill. Staffing had rapidly become a global challenge for the horticulture industry, Robotics Plus founder Steve Saunders said at a conference...

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    The robot revolution in agriculture might be much scarier than expected

    So far the number of jobs lost due to robots has been modest – between 360,000 and...

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    Agriculture robotics get funding in New Zealand

    The Science for Technological Innovation (SfTI) National Science Challenge Board is providing $2m of funding for a project to develop adaptable, cheaply reconfigured, rapidly deployed ‘workforce’ robots able to learn from their environments. SfTI said the project would take a long-term view and examine how robotics could provide solutions for New Zealand’s...

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    Agricultural robotics will become a $12bn industry by 2027, report says

    Agriculture is one of the world’s least digitised major industries, but this will change as data acquisition, agricultural robotics and analytic companies grow.A report by technological research company IDTechEx says that many agricultural robotic companies are graduating into the market and are in the process of transforming the value chain of agriculture.The...

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    Can robots help to reduce chemical inputs?

    Associate professor Alistair Murdoch, of Reading University, UK, says trial work there shows robotic weeding can reduce...

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    Norwegian University of Life Sciences offers Postdoctoral Fellow for Robotics in Agriculture

    The fellowship is closely related to the main activities of the agricultural robotics group at NMBU. The group has developed the Thorvald I and II agricultural robots, which are highly versatile robots specifically designed for the agricultural domain. The robots operate both indoor in tunnels and greenhouses and in outdoor environments. In...

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    Dan Harburg and Matthew Borzage talk Agricultural Robotics at RoboUniverse Conference

    In this episode, Abate De Mey interviews two speakers from the Agricultural track of the RoboUniverse 2016...

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    Is agriculture big data a valuable commodity? Can it be used against you?

    Isn’t it great? Agriculture is literally going science-fiction. Robots pick fruit, drones check soil humidity and the tractors...

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