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    Start-up Iron Ox has successfully created a fully autonomous farm in San Carlos

    Start-up Iron Ox has successfully created a fully autonomous farm in San Carlos, California. Iron Ox is the first to fully automate the growing process and completely design its system around the robot’s capabilities. The hydroponic indoor farm relies on two robots to plant, care for and harvest produce. Co-founder and CEO...

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    The Tarzan robot does not get stuck in the orchard

    Tarzan, shown here, travels over crop fields with an energy-efficient swinging motion. One day, such robots might...

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    Japanese University develops self-driving robots to tackle labor shortage in farming

    Amid a severe shortage of manpower, a team comprised of researchers from private companies and a university in Aichi Prefecture is working on developing a self-driving robot that uses cutting-edge technology to support flower-growing farmers. In fiscal 2019 the group hopes to start marketing automated, handcart-type robots that follow pickers of roses...

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    The Vegetable Robot Revolution

    In the very near future, robots are going to be picking the vegetables that appear on grocery...

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    Farm robotics impact on labour shortage over-estimated

    The capacity of farm robotics to deliver quick-fix solutions to agriculture’s labour concerns is vastly over-estimated according to researchers in the Netherlands. Dutch robotics scientist, Rick van de Zedde, told delegates at F&A Next: “Industry expectations for farm robotics are definitely too high at present. “There is a tendency for users to...

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    Kiwi industry dreams of robots

    Robotics are being talked up as a solution to labour shortages in horticulture industries around the world. The new technology could replace crop harvesting jobs that farmers are increasingly struggling to fill. Staffing had rapidly become a global challenge for the horticulture industry, Robotics Plus founder Steve Saunders said at a conference...

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    The robot revolution in agriculture might be much scarier than expected

    So far the number of jobs lost due to robots has been modest – between 360,000 and...

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    The Tarzan robot is here to save food production of the future

    This robot named Tarzan looks nothing like its fictional namesake. Its comical movement is actually designed after...

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    HIT Robot Group made its U.S. debut in Chicago at Automate 2017

    HIT Robot Group (HRG), one of China’s top robot manufacturing companies, made its U.S. debut in Chicago...

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    Say hello to the Foodbot

    Here’s where the robots come in. Perhaps you’ll be familiar with food bots, which we’ve been covering for the last few months. But if not, here’s the deal: an Estonian startup called Starship Technologies, which manufactures autonomous food delivery bots, has recently begun a pilot operation here in the District. The bots...

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