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    How important is self-sufficiency for Japan?

    How does Japan stand with regard to the food self-sufficiency rate? The calorie-based rate for fiscal 2016 dropped 1.91 percentage points to 37.58 percent, the lowest since 37 percent was recorded in fiscal 1993 when the rice harvest was poor due to a cold spell. Administrative vice farm minister Masaaki Okuhara says...

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    India loses agricultural productivity because of inefficient irrigation

    IN its forthcoming fifth and final budget, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s PTI-led coalition government is unlikely to break any new ground by denying substantial funding to agriculture to make the province self-sufficient in food. Over the past four years, agriculture got only 1.5-2.5pc of the amount earmarked for the province’s annual development programme. The...

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    For the first time in history fruit and vegetable exports from Vietnam bigger than Rice

    Export turnover of fruits and vegetables has exceeded that of rice for the first time, Agriculture and...

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    Prices and volumes for Aussie table grapes are skyrocketing

    TABLE grape export prices have spiked this year with exports exceeding 100,000 tonnes for the first time. According to the Australian Table Grape Association the 2015-16 table grape export season saw 108,594 tonnes exported and April recorded the highest single volume of Australian table grapes exported for any month at 32,587 tonnes....

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    Help the refugees with fresh and dried fruit

    We received this message from our online messaging service this morning from a helper in the greek...

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