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    Start-up Iron Ox has successfully created a fully autonomous farm in San Carlos

    Start-up Iron Ox has successfully created a fully autonomous farm in San Carlos, California. Iron Ox is the first to fully automate the growing process and completely design its system around the robot’s capabilities. The hydroponic indoor farm relies on two robots to plant, care for and harvest produce. Co-founder and CEO...

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    Robotic Farming System Could Be Answer to Labor Shortages

    Brandon Alexander grew up on farms, acres and acres of wheat and other broad acre crops in Texas and Oklahoma. So, it’s not entirely surprising that he applied his other expertise—based on a robotics degree from the University of Texas and work at Google X—to some of the biggest issues facing modern...

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    Photovoltaic hydroponic vegetable greenhouse deal announced

    ANAHEIM, Calif., July 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Greengro Technologies, Inc. (OTC:GRNH), one of the fastest growing companies in the emerging indoor agriculture technology industry, today announced that its majority-owned subsidiary Biodynamics, LLC, Akron, Ohio, has been awarded a contract to sell a branded photovoltaic (PV) solar glass hydroponic vegetable greenhouse as part of a...

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    Startup reinvents Growing Fresh Produce With Aquaponics

    Aquapioneers’ open source kit lets you print your own aquaponics ecosystem Do you find your goldfish waiting for you, floating face up in the water when you get home from work? Do plants wilt at your touch? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then Barcelona-based startup Aquapioneers has engineered...

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    Can you make money growing vegetables in containers?

    Shipping containers could bring farming to the heart of the city as hydroponics and mobile phone apps...

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    The navy unleashes special forces by growing vegetables in submarines

    When a Navy submarine goes to sea on a monthslong voyage, the lettuce, tomatoes and other fresh...

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