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    Tahiti lime conquer markets and producers

    Valor Econômico -9/26/2016-good prices derived from greater external demand stimulates the planting, especially in São Paulo. With...

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    Law to rescue citrus industry not making progress

    Sometimes the price of doing nothing is that nothing gets done. U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio made that...

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    Florida’s orange crop down 16 percent

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida’s citrus industry, struggling in a battle against a fatal citrus disease, will have a little bit sweeter season than projected in an initial forecast. However, the outlook for the state’s orange crop continues to be troubling. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s final forecast for the 2015-2016 citrus growing...

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    Citrus industry’s brand new HLB detector: Dogs

    The Asian citrus psyllid(ACP) and the disease it carries represent perhaps the worst threat to the California...

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    Citrus greening will hit orange yield in 2016

    The global orange market is in crisis, with the average annual growth rates over the last 2...

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    Acoustic traps against Huanglongbing

    Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists this summer plan to field-test a new trap designed to disrupt the mating of Asian citrus psyllids. These pinhead-sized invasive insects transmit citrus greening, a devastating citrus disease also called “Huanglongbing.” Many insect traps use pheromones—chemical attractants—to control crop-damaging insects. At low concentrations, pheromones lure the pests...

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