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  • United Fresh Expo & Conference

    This June in Chicago, come together on one trade show floor, to discover the newest fresh produce, floral, better-for-you products and the tech innovations that support growth, development, promotion, transportation and expansion across the supply chain.

  • Fresh Connections China

    Changes in free trade agreements around the world could mean new opportunities for global suppliers into Asia – especially China. If you are a supplier from North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other major exporting regions, pencil in PMA’s Fresh Connections: China on your schedule, obtain your VISA...

  • Container
    Argentinian export fees lead to absurd logistics solutions

    Due to Argentinian Export ‘fees’ fruit and vegetables are taking some interesting diversions. Agriculture is together with...

  • Crop Protection
    Pesticide not carcinogen, industry officials are claiming

    Agricultural industry groups have strongly disagreed with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) recently raising...

  • Asia
    A rare look into agriculture and its problems in North Korea

    source: This is “NK Market Trends,” bringing you weekly updates on the North Korean economy. This...

  • Harvesting
    Watermelon harvest is labor-intensive

    By JOSIE MUSICO, A-J MEDIA PLAINS — “Mucho trabajo.” Bernardin Hernandez works quickly in McWhirter Farms’ watermelon...

  • Middle East
    Study: Impact of Nitrate accumulation in salads

    Accumulation of nitrate and oxalate is a concern in the production and marketing of leafy vegetables. High nitrate levels can be related to fertilization regime, light conditions and plant factors. Plant factors are of major importance for oxalate content. Plant breeding has been reported as one way of reducing the content of...

  • Featured
    The ‘Bonsai’ pineapple. It looks cool but leaves you hungry

    Dwarf pineapples, which typically grow to be 4 or 5 inches tall, can be extra prickly and...

  • Environment
    Less water, better taste? Turning a problem into a solution

    On July 20, California’s resources board fined a farming district near San Francisco $1.5 million for illegally...

  • Featured
    Where are the female leaders in agriculture?

    Meet Mariana Lizeth González Sánchez The future of agriculture is bright when looking at young people like...

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