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    Study: Improving the processing of raspberry by freezing

    Raspberry fruit is very sensitive and susceptible to rapid decay. The decline in quality starts practically from the moment when the fruit is picked. Fruits initially lose strength, then release the juice, intensify the development of mold and at last the rotting process starts. The goal of all technological processes after harvest...

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    Study: Effects of High Temperature Stress of Pear Trees

    To understand the effect of high temperature stress on Pyrus trees, the changes in antioxidant substance, antioxidant enzymet and osmotic substance in leaves of 2-year-old ‘Huangguan'(P. pyrifolia ‘Cuiguan’) and ‘Cuiyu'(P. bretschneideri × P. pyrifolia) seedlings were measured, and the expressions of related genes at different stages were analyzed by q RT-PCR. The...

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    New online tool can reduce the risk of trellis failure

    A Washington State study into designing high density orchard trellises has some useful messages and handy online tool for Australian growers. A new online tool which can reduce the risk of trellis failure under high load by customising orchard systems to meet the demands of local conditions is the key output of...

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    Genomic associations that could be used in breeding apples for improved fruit quality

    Breeding apples is a long-term endeavour and it is imperative that new cultivars are selected to have outstanding consumer appeal. This study has taken the approach of merging sensory science with genome wide association analyses in order to map the human perception of apple flavour and texture onto the apple genome. The...

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    New Zealand kiwifruit harvest begins

    First kiwifruit being picked  Increased harvest volumes expected this year   The first kiwifruit is being picked in New Zealand with orchards cleared to be harvested from the top of the North Island to the top of the South Island. Over 2,500 growers will be harvesting some 13,500 hectares of kiwifruit.  ...

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    The Australian Food and Grocery Council explained

    The AFGC is an industry association which represents the manufacturers and suppliers behind Australia’s food, beverage, and...

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    Fruit World Map with bigger size, same price

    The Fruit World Map has been a cornerstone of AgroPress since the 1970s. The updated version of...

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    Fertilizer made of rocks could change carbon footprint of agriculture forever

    Enhanced rock weathering involves adding minute rock grains to cropland soils which dissolve chemically taking up carbon...

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    South Australia wins planning exemption for orchard netting

    South Australian growers will no longer be required to seek local council planning consent for orchard netting...

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    Wanted: Grower of the year in Australia

    Nominations for the apple and pear industry Awards for Excellence are open until Tuesday, 3 April. Each winner and runner-up will be nominated for the Hort Connections combined industry awards. The Awards for Excellence recognise the outstanding achievements of our industry’s most successful growers, researchers, people and businesses working across all areas...

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