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    APAL: Pros and cons of club varieties

    After exploring how to choose a new variety last issue with Steve Spark, AgFirst’s John Wilton shows us the ins and outs of managed club varieties.  High colour sports are now raising colour standards: Lady in Red is on the left, standard Cripps Pink on the right. Since the Australian apple industry...

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    India loses agricultural productivity because of inefficient irrigation

    IN its forthcoming fifth and final budget, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s PTI-led coalition government is unlikely to break any new ground by denying substantial funding to agriculture to make the province self-sufficient in food. Over the past four years, agriculture got only 1.5-2.5pc of the amount earmarked for the province’s annual development programme. The...

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    HORTGRO sounds alarm for South African fresh produce industry

    The current drought as well as the predicted long-term drying trends in the Western Cape has serious...

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    South Africa goes after price fixing of fresh produce

    Pretoria — The Competition Commission has conducted a search and seizure operation at the premises of fresh produce market agents in Cape Town and Durban. This follows a search and seizure operation carried out at premises of nine fruit and veg agents in Pretoria and Johannesburg fresh produce markets on Thursday, 23 March. The...

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    Florida tried to cut back essential citrus statistics program for the industry

    The state and federal agriculture departments need to trim $300,000 to $400,000 off the cost of counting the Florida citrus crop and other important statistics the state’s citrus industry has relied upon for decades. The state and federal agriculture departments need to trim $300,000 to $400,000 off the cost of counting the...

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    What can Australia do against huanglongbing?

    IT IS only a matter of time before huanglongbing, which is also known as citrus greening disease, makes its way to Australia. This was one of the key messages at the Citrus Tech Conference held in Mildura last week. HLB is a bacterial disease that was first found in southern California in...

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    US ambassador in Chile visits Plant Health Inspection site

    The US ambassador to Chile, Carol Perez, paid a visit to the Plant Health Inspection Site at Lo Herrera and to the Dole Chile SA company in Codegua. She wanted to see for herself the phytosanitary inspection sites and the selection and packaging processes used to export Chilean fruits. The Ambassador and...

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    Philippine President refuses to create Banana Industry Council and Research Center by executive order

    President Rodrigo Duterte supported the call of the banana industry players to establish a Philippine Banana Industry Council and Banana Research and Development Center to address concerns besetting the industry, but not through an executive order. At the National Banana Congress here last Friday, Duterte said he did not sign the executive...

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    Tahiti lime conquer markets and producers

    Valor Econômico -9/26/2016-good prices derived from greater external demand stimulates the planting, especially in São Paulo. With...

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    The once ‘greatest’ apple farm in Asia is decaying

    While it is being widely believed in Kashmir that the Horticulture Development farm at Zainapora is the...

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