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    Diverse wild species vital for healthy agricultural production

    World Food Day on 16 October reminds us that 821 million people in the world are undernourished and that sustainable agriculture requires mainstreaming of biodiversity. Farmers across the world are facing difficult times. Unpredictable weather patterns make it difficult to know exactly when to plant and when to harvest crops. Big commercial...

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    Farming with drones and robots

    European consumers expect a clean supply chain and biodiversity to be conserved. Therefore, reducing the inputs of pesticides and chemical fertilisers to a minimum and/or replacing them by agro-ecological or robot solutions is required. Furthermore, the average age of European farmers is among the highest of all sectors, thus farming needs to...

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    Hortgro supports fruit farmers and communities in difficult times of stress

    Hortgro, the support organisation for the South African deciduous fruit industry, is worried about the professional pressure...

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    Can This Irrigation Startup Help Growers Thrive During Droughts To Come?

    In the world of irrigation technology, one eight-year old startup is rising to the top of the competitive pack. Denver-based SWIIM System – formally known as the Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management System – has software that creates a crop-water budget based on data collected over 60 times an hour and...

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    Strawberry farmers could improve their crops with new technology developed in England

    Strawberry farmers could improve their income by nearly £400,000 over three years with new water-saving technology developed...

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    Saving money in your orchard by eliminating the need for ladders

    APAL has focused on productivity and mechanisation to improve labour efficiency and hence profitability of Australian orchard businesses. These strategies, although very effective, are capital intensive and increase fixed capital costs. The industry needs to challenge this paradigm with alternative strategies to ensure Australia’s orchards are globally competitive in the future. ustralia is,...

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    The wonderful story of Rudolph Hass and its avocado

     In 1925, Rudolph Hass (rhymes with pass) was 33 years old and earning 25 cents an hour...

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    Smart irrigation systems are conquering fruit and nut production

    The world is running out of water resources. The shortage will affect nearly all agricultural production around...

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    Fruits and Vegetables Crop Protection Market Rises With Growing Need For Higher Crop Yield

    Consumption of pesticides in fruit and vegetable crop applications is likely to sustain modest CAGRs of 5.66% over the 2015-2020 analysis period. The global market value would reach USD 23185.64 million by 2020 from USD XX million in 2015. Request sample copy of this report at: Fruits and vegetables based pesticides...

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    An apple a day keeps the stupid away

    Today, the human brain is a powerhouse of logical thought — but it wasn’t always this way. Our primate ancestors spent nearly 65 million years developing our brains, and a new study suggests that fruit may have played a big role in that. First, a bit of background: Part of the reason humans are...

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