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    AgroPress seeks Advertising Sales Representative for Agriculture Magazine

    We are looking for a sales representative in your area for two of the world leading global agriculture magazines: The Fruit World (fresh produce) and The Clipper (nuts and dried fruit).  You work independently and commission-based. Locations: California, Florida, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Peru AgroPress offers an extremely beneficial commission system. The company...

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    Argentina’s orange production to be 10% lower

    The entry of Argentinian lemons to the United States market, which took effect last Friday, and the opening of Brazil for Argentine oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and lemons, can’t counter a situation that now seems irreversible. This situation is related to the serious damage caused by the constant rains that fell over the...

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    China drives world pear production

    World pear production is forecast up 814,000 tons to 25.2 million on higher output in China where...

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    USDA forecasts: Top Grape Exporters Decline as China Leaps to New Record

    FRESH TABLE GRAPES World table grape production is forecast to increase slightly to 21.0 million tons as...

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    USDA forecasts steep decline of US apple exports

    FRESH APPLES World apple production in marketing year 2015/16 is forecast to increase slightly over last year,...

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    Wanted: Fresh Talent!

    AgroPress and will be offering a vast new portfolio of relevant information for the fresh produce and...

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