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    Discovering China’s New Retail Landscape

    Exploring the fresh fruit section at a Hema Fresh supermarket. The group of more than 50 international entered the Super Species supermarket outlet on March 20 in Shenzhen and made a beeline for the fruit—peering, sniffing, poking and exclaiming in a manner that seemed extreme even among China’s most fruit-fanatic consumers. The...

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    Fresh Produce Packaging Study Shows Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 60%

    Pullach, Germany — April 17, 2018: A new study, Carbon Footprint of Food Packaging, comparing the carbon footprints of Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) and single-use cardboard boxes, has shown that RPCs emit 60% less CO2 when used for packaging, shipping and storing fresh produce. Published in February 2018, the study was conducted...

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    Opinion: Labels and GMO

    Brandon McFadden Humanity needs an innovative food system to not only survive, but to thrive. In 2050, nearly 10 billion people will populate the Earth. Future generations will be dealing with not only greater numbers of neighbors and denser population centers, but also a food system likely to face the negative impacts...

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    Mandarin Orange flavored towels from Japan could change the world of hygiene

    If the thought of drying your body with a towel steeped in the fragrance of “mikan” mandarin oranges has ever appealed, you’re in luck. Ehime Prefecture, the nation’s primary producer of mikan, is also renowned for its Imabari brand of cotton towels. Marrying these two aspects of the local culture was a...

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    Mucci Farms and the new wave of agriculture

    A $70 million privately funded, groundbreaking agriculture venture in Huron remain confident they can produce and achieve...

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    Study: Optimal plot size and number of replications in a field pepper crop experiment

    rrigated pepper crop had greater and more uniform growth rates than without irrigation. • Daily irrigation provided higher growth rates when the lowest depth of water was applied. • Irrigation every two days resulted in higher growing rates when the largest water depth was applied. • The experimental plot size was always...

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    Study: Brush Mechanism for Distributing Apples in a Low-Cost Apple Harvest-Assist Unit

    Apple harvest depends on a large seasonal workforce, and decreasing availability of agricultural employees, increasing labor costs, and occupational injuries are creating challenges for apple harvest activities. Researchers at The Pennsylvania State University developed a low-cost apple harvest-assist unit to improve apple harvest efficiency. The unit performed reliably during field tests. Apple...

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    Study: Apple and peach production, distribution and consumption in Mediterranean fruit sector

    Peach and apple are two important products in the Mediterranean fruit sector. The aim of this work is to analyse environmentally the entire life cycle stages of Mediterranean fruit production, from cradle to grave, considering agricultural, retail, consumption and disposal stages, using a multiyear approach with data from ten years of real...

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    Deciduous fruit associations name change

    The two largest deciduous fruit industry associations, the South African Apple and Pear Producers’ Association (SAAPPA) and the South African Stone Fruit Producers’ Association (SASPA) will in future be known as Hortgro Pome and Hortgro Stone. Hortgro, the deciduous fruit umbrella-group, said in a statement that the name changes will streamline future...

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    Study: Improving the processing of raspberry by freezing

    Raspberry fruit is very sensitive and susceptible to rapid decay. The decline in quality starts practically from the moment when the fruit is picked. Fruits initially lose strength, then release the juice, intensify the development of mold and at last the rotting process starts. The goal of all technological processes after harvest...

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