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    How to use technology to improve water for agriculture

    Using science and technology to inform sustainable farming practices and reduce adverse environmental impacts will have better outcomes than taxes will, Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman says.Science and technology the answer to water quality Using science and technology to inform sustainable farming practices and reduce adverse environmental impacts will have...

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    Migros offers reusable Veggie Bags as eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags

    In the Migros supermarket in Zurich, the reusable Veggie Bags for fruit and vegetables have successfully passed their trial phase. So from 18 April, Veggie Bags are sold in all Migros supermarkets in Switzerland.  The transparent, reusable Veggie Bags are an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bags, when reused several times, for packing...

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    Is the ban of plastic bags the breakthrough for bioplastics?

    In January 2017 the use of plastic bags for fruit and vegetables, in the French retail sector, as well as for cheese, meat and also fish counter was banned. However, bags made from home compostable bioplastic which contain a minimum amount of 30% renewable raw materials (and from 2025, 60% renewable raw...

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    Food sorting technology firm celebrates 45th anniversary

    Since its founding on April 1, 1972, TOMRA has progressed from being a pioneer in automated recycling technology to a company today offering a diverse range of sensor-based solutions that are helping to lead a cross-industry revolution toward resource sustainability. Starting in a small shed in Asker, Norway, the brothers Petter and...

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    Greenyard takes aim at low fruit and vegetable consumption levels

    The biggest opportunity facing the fresh produce industry is to increase consumption levels. European consumers eat just...

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    Amsterdam Produce Show features fresh produce innovations with University of Wageningen

    At Amsterdam Produce Show The Innovation Zone will be led by Wageningen University & Research, which applies Dutch...

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    Future challenges of fresh produce from New Zealand

    Europe’s fruit and vegetable sector is facing radical change, with far-reaching consequences for fresh produce suppliers and...

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    When will fresh produce transport by ship become sustainable?

    No matter how sustainable your fresh produce production might be: As soon as you ship it things...

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    Robots will make agriculture greener

    Robots are making their way into agriculture, potentially altering the farming landscape across the world, according to Lux Research.Planting the Seeds of a Robot Revolution: How Autonomous Systems Are Integrating into Precision Agriculture, says that while cost is a barrier to widespread adoption, it is on the downward slope. “Currently robots often...

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