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  • New England Vegetable & Fruit Conference

    New England Vegetable & Fruit Conference and Trade Show will be held next December 11-14, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH and will include more than 25 educational sessions over 3 days, covering major vegetable, berry and tree fruit crops as well as various special topics. A Farmer to Farmer meeting...

  • Crop Science
    Discovery of key gene in the production of seedless tomatoes

    A study led by researchers of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) on Hydra tomatoes has identified a key gene in the production of seedless tomato fruits. The results of the research have been published in the journal New Phytologist. Hydra tomatoes are 40% smaller and weigh 80% less than the classic...

  • Featured
    97% of fresh pear growers favor continuation of the marketing order

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the results of an Oregon and Washington pear producer referendum to continue Federal Marketing Order 927, showing that 97% of fresh pear growers favored a continuation of the marketing order. Commenting on the results of the referendum vote, Kevin Moffitt, manager of the Fresh Pear Committee of Marketing...

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    AgroPress records 48% growth in social media performance for the Fruit World and The Clipper in just 28 days

    The Fruit World is one of the oldest magazines in the global perishable business. Only last year online...

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    New agriculture journalists wanted!

    AgroPress is looking for new correspondents for its horticulture, dried fruit and nuts magazines all over the world as it is rapidly growing in certain markets. The publishing house is looking for freelance journalists with a special knowledge of fresh fruit and vegetable and nut production, harvesting, processing, logistics, trade and retail, crop...

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    Washington Apples are trying to regain ground on Indian Market

    Washington Apples, which had a poor year of exports to India last year, is hopeful of making a comeback this year. A brand known worldwide for its variety and origin, Washington Apples has a share of 60 per cent in US apple production. Of the 200 million cartons that the US produces...

  • Featured
    Florida Worldwide Citrus expands in spite Citrus Greening and other obstacles

    Florida Worldwide Citrus’ evolution over the past 32 years from a citrus byproducts trading company to one that develops and markets organic fruit flavors around the world has not been without its challenges. But by being resourceful and nimble, company officials have found a path forward to continued growth. Some of their challenges...

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    Peru is seeking to introduce two mandarin varieties into the Indian market

    Mandarins and blueberries are Peru’s star products. “Those fruits will be among Peru’s priorities when negotiating a Free Trade Agreement with India”, reports Sergio del Castillo, the head of the Association of Citrus Producers from Peru (ProCitrus) to Fresh Plaza . ProCitrus claims that negotiations are already ahead and phytosanitary protocols are...

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    Vegetable and sugarcane crop in the path of cyclone Debbie

    SOME vegetable prices could rise in the wake of Cyclone Debbie, which is due to hit one...

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    First Australian nectarine variety comes from a cabinet maker turned entrepreneur

    Perth can expect more locally grown nectarines on the shelves for longer, thanks to this man. Michael Tranchita has developed the April Jewel, the first Australian nectarine variety. “All the other varieties are made in America — this is the first ever nectarine variety to be commercially developed in Australia,” the Roleystone...

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