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    Valencia Citrus producers lose 30% of the harvest and 131 million Euro

    This campaign, Valencian citrus producers estimate their accumulated losses at 131 million Euro, as revealed by the top representatives of Cooperatives Agro-alimentàries (Cirilo Arnandis), AVA-Asaja (Cristóbal Aguado), La Unió de Llauradors (Ramón Mampel) and Fepac de Castellón (Néstor Pascual), who defined the situation in the sector as very discouraging. The repeated setbacks...

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    AgroPress records 48% growth in social media performance for the Fruit World and The Clipper in just 28 days

    The Fruit World is one of the oldest magazines in the global perishable business. Only last year online...

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    USDA Announces $21.8 Million in Funding for to Combat Citrus Disease

    WASHINGTON, D.C. April 11, 2017 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Institute of Food and...

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    Florida Worldwide Citrus expands in spite Citrus Greening and other obstacles

    Florida Worldwide Citrus’ evolution over the past 32 years from a citrus byproducts trading company to one that develops and markets organic fruit flavors around the world has not been without its challenges. But by being resourceful and nimble, company officials have found a path forward to continued growth. Some of their challenges...

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    Peru is seeking to introduce two mandarin varieties into the Indian market

    Mandarins and blueberries are Peru’s star products. “Those fruits will be among Peru’s priorities when negotiating a Free Trade Agreement with India”, reports Sergio del Castillo, the head of the Association of Citrus Producers from Peru (ProCitrus) to Fresh Plaza . ProCitrus claims that negotiations are already ahead and phytosanitary protocols are...

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    Florida tried to cut back essential citrus statistics program for the industry

    The state and federal agriculture departments need to trim $300,000 to $400,000 off the cost of counting the Florida citrus crop and other important statistics the state’s citrus industry has relied upon for decades. The state and federal agriculture departments need to trim $300,000 to $400,000 off the cost of counting the...

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    Confusion about new rules for citrus transportation in California causes trouble

    Earlier this year, the California Department of Food and Agriculture mailed letters to about 6,000 citrus farmers, trucking companies and others involved in shipping commercial citrus, informing them of new rules about transporting the fruit. The rule requires citrus being moved in open truck beds to be covered with a tarp to...

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    Volume of Turkish citrus fruit sales in KSA jump by 39% in 2016

    The Turkish Citrus Promotion Group (CPG) has announced that the sale of Turkish citrus fruit in Saudi Arabia has increased by 39 percent in 2016 compared to the volume of sales in 2015. This equates to over 101 million kilograms of citrus fruit with a total export value of $55.5 million. The...

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    Citrus greening is currently the most dangerous disease for citrus

    Huanglongbing (HLB) or “citrus greening” is currently the most devastating disease of citrus worldwide. The disease was first reported in 1919 in China, and again in Brazil in 2004 and discovered in Miami, FL in 2005. Since then, the disease has affected most of Florida’s citrus-producing areas leading to a remarkable 75...

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    Can Algae be the new weapon against Yellow Dragon huanglongbing (HLB)?

    Notimex reports that a group of researchers at the Interdisciplinary Center of Marine Sciences (CICIMAR) of the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico are researching the applications of algae extracts to combat the “yellow dragon” disease that attacks citrus crops. Scientists conducted an analysis of algae extracts that have bioactive materials that can...

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